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1. Should I go with a neon sign or LED sign?

Neon signs give your company signage a classic look and feel which can be nice if you sell retro products like old furniture or old cars.  LED signs, however, are also stylish and have many features, like a long lifespan, more energy efficiency and less costs, that make them attractive to many business owners.  LED is also easier to replace and more durable than glass neon.  Most of our signs use LED, but we are more than happy to accommodate customers that prefer neon.

2.  Can you install my sign without a permit?

It is not advisable for businesses to install company signage without a permit because the business can be fined or temporarily shut down if city officials find out about the unauthorized work.

3. Why does being insured and licensed matter?

All Oklahoma City sign companies need to be insured because many things can go wrong on the job including the sign short circuiting, faulty parts or installation causing accidents or the Oklahoma wind blowing signs or people off balance.  We carry $2,000,000 of insurance to protect not only our company but our customer’s property from damage.  Additionally, you can rest assured that our licensed and trained employees will take every precaution to protect your business property.

 4. Why can you not run new electrical wires from my box to the sign?

We cannot run electrical wires to your sign because we are not licensed electricians.  We can only reconnect if there is an existing wire available from a previous tenant. Contact a properly licensed electrician yourself or use one of the trusted electrical contractors we often use.  A bad electrical installation of your company signage can cause fire to your building, so you want to be safe with the electricians you hire.

 5. Why can’t my sign be any bigger?

Due to zoning regulations and city code, most company signage can only take up a maximum of 10% of the total square footage of your building’s facade.  For example, if you want to install new channel letter signs, and your building facade is 10 feet tall and 10 feet wide, for a total of 100 square feet, you can only install a sign with a maximum of 10 square feet.  Some districts in the city have stricter requirements as well, and we are always happy to advise you on the maximum company signage you can install.

6. Why are you so expensive?

Our prices are competitive with other leading sign companies in Oklahoma and at the very most, we might be a few hundreds of dollars apart from each other but never too far apart unless we completely mispriced or is offering something totally different from another product.  If you are a bargain shopper that buys only on cost, our company may not be the right fit for you. However we will you offer you the best deal available so that you will continue your business with us year round and time after time.

7. Do you warranty all of your work?

Yes, all of our work is warrantied for 1 year except for cases of an act of god or burnt light bulbs.

 8. Do I need to get insurance for my sign?

Oklahoma is right in the heart of tornado alley, so we recommend that businesses purchase insurance on all the company signage that we sell.  Your insurance will pay the cost for the replacement of the sign and any damage the sign does in cases of tornados, thunderstorms, hailstorms and windstorms.  In one of the jobs we did in Moore, Oklahoma, we recommended that the customer purchase insurance for his company signage.  He reply “I don’t need it”. The next day a tornado leveled his shop and his new sign.

9. What is the difference between plexiglass, lexan and flex face for cabinet signs?

Lexan is the material used in bullet proof glass and is the preferred choice for cabinet signs larger than 32 square feet.  Flex face is a strong material mostly used in large company signage over 10 feet tall.  The material is tough enough to handle even the strongest windstorms.  We don’t recommend using plexiglass in any situation because it is a brittle material that can break in bad weather.

10. What do I pay down as a deposit?

We require customers pay 50% down and 50% when the project is completed. Many scam artists prey on consumers by offering them extraordinary deals with lower down payments and then never completing the work. Please be careful and always check reviews on facebook, google and BBB before being a victim.